A photo of artist's bench with tools and jewellery he is working on. The bench stands next to floor to ceiling window with ocean water coming right up to it because it's a houseboat.
A portrait photo of the artist Mike ANDRE

Hello, I'm Mike ANDRE

From the water of Pelorus Sound I create art which can be worn everyday for everyone to appreciate.

This art loves to be in motion, tuned to the wearer's mood, ever-changing.

Endless possibilities...

My Style


Clear and simple lines


Art is a statement and statements can't be invisible


Playing on the randomness of the world


Allowing for your self-expression


Avoiding it's soul being polished to death


Beautiful jewellery must have a home

Materials I use

Because silver is amazing
Because there is a hidden beauty in everything

What I DON'T use

I don't use materials which are often paid for in misery of humans, animals, or the future of our planet

Would you like to wear something unique?

Emailing or texting is perfect
with all the creative noise in my studio.
Unless you prefer to talk.

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